Portails battants
SGW 175


Stainless steel housing and tempered glass barier wing

Drive Mechanism

Swing arm is opened by logic-controlled DC drive motor.

Functions & Interface
  • Logic controlled interface, bi-directional operation
  • After release by the potential-free contact,
  • After the adjustable opening period has expired, the swing barrier wing closes the passage fully.
  • Permanently open function.
  • RS 232 serial port
Emergency & Power Cut

In the event of emergency the barrier wing opens in the determinned direction and waits till the end of emergency before closing. During power-cut the mechanism unlocks the barrier wing and wing rotates freely in both directions.


Construction: Staines Steel
Passage width: Max 1129 mm
Barrier wing length: Max 900 mm
Opening-Closing Speed: 1,5 sec.
Cabinet diam.: 177 mm
Cabinet height: 1006 mm
Weight: 40 Kg
Power Supply: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Logic Voltage: 24V DC
Standby power consumption: 9 W
Operation Temperature: -0 ° / +70 °
IP Protection: Cabinet IP44

  • Remote control unit
  • Stainless steel opposite post
  • Logo engraving
  • Posts for access control units
  • LED Indicators

Acoustic Notifications : On / Off
Opening Period time out : 5-10-15-20 secs
Consecutive passage : On / Off
Emergency connection : On / Off
Sensor controlled : On / Off
LED Indicator options : Option-1 / Option-2


LED lights indicates the operating status of the turnstile in both directions.


Green : Standby or locked

Red: Released or free passage


Green : Released or free passage

Red: Standby or locked