Mass Transit

Technological progress and population growth are pushing urban areas to transition into smart cities, and connecting people within and among these hubs is one of today’s emerging challenges. These smart cities require efficient public transport systems that promote mobility and access to employment, community resources, medical care, and recreational opportunities. Incorporating public transportation options into economic and land use planning also help expand business opportunities, reduce urban sprawl, enhance safety and security, and create a sense of community through transit-oriented development.

For these reasons, areas with good public transit systems are economically thriving communities and offer advantages to businesses and individuals choosing to work and live there. These areas also benefit from increased resilience and emergency preparedness, as good public transportation is critical to safe and efficient evacuation. Lastly, public transport reduces road congestion and travel times, air pollution, and energy and oil consumption, making it an environmentally friendly means of travel.

Tansa Turnike

Sustainable Mobility

One of the greatest environmental challenges we face today lies in mobility, an essential aspect of modern life. With rapidly expanding urbanization, cities are becoming focal points where safe, accessible, efficient, and sustainable mobility is needed. Dramatically increasing passenger and freight transport poses a threat to both the global climate as well as local citizen health and quality of life in cities.

Transportation systems are of great importance in ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability. They can help drastically reduce our carbon footprint, and TANSA can help by providing cost-effective, efficient mobility solutions.

The Future of Mobility

Technology will continue to form the backbone of mobility in the future. Increasing data and connectivity can lead to more efficient and convenient mobility, offering great opportunities for developing countries to leapfrog existing legacy technologies and practices.

TANSA offers cost-effective, efficient and innovative mobility solutions with minimum service needs and running costs, including the following:

  • Hidden Speed Gates
  • Tripod Turnstiles
  • Swing Gates Smart City Integrations
  • Smart City Transit & Non-Transit Solutions
  • Automated Fare Collection System
  • Instance Issuance
  • Mobile App / QR Code / SMS Payment Solutions
  • Fleet Management System

Tansa Turnike