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Speed Gates
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A combination of elegant design and advanced security. Sliding Hidden Speed Gate with 24V BLDC motor and 24 optical safety sensors. Opening and closing times between 0.9 and 1.5 seconds. As part of th...
A combination of elegant design and advanced security. Sliding Hidden Speed Gate with 24V BLDC motor and 24 optical safety sensors. Opening and closing times between 0.9 and 1.5 seconds. As part of the interior design, Vision Bold Speed Gate can be adapted to the corporate or interior colors and becomes an integral part of your entrance area.

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  • Galvanized coated steel frame
  • Aluminium side panels
  • 10 mm glass top
  • 10 mm tempered glass side panels
  • Stainless steel motor mechanism and drive shaft
  • 10 mm tempered glass barrier wing
  • Illuminated indication pictograms
  • AISI 304 stainless steel or powder coated steel upper & lower panels

24 sensors to achieve maximum security level.

Advanced Detection – Advanced Security

Advanced detection system and sensor algorithhms tracks the passage of authorised user while controlling the unauthorised and fraud attempts at the same time.

With 170 mm lenght and 24 sensors Vision Bold achives the maximum security level aganist tailgating, piggybaking, wrong way passage, intrusion time out, climb over and crowl under attempts.

Tailgating and wrong way attempts will be blocked by the fast closing response of the doors.

Intrusion alarm warning will be activated in case of lane intrusion time out, safe zone, force to open, crowl under and climb over attempts.


In case of emergency alarm, 2 options are available.

  • Locking unit can be released and door leaves become unlocked position and move freely.
  • Door leaves can be opened and remains open during alarm sequence. With an additional and seperate input, fail-locked/emergency-locked option is available.

Vision Bold provides optimized security and high flow rate of people at the same time. For correct walking route, illuminated guidance pictograms give clear directions to staff and vistors.

Adjustable gate direction control adds flexibility to building entrance control systems and improves people flow for efficency & user convenience.


Basic and reliable mechanical system with advanced electronics allows maximum stability and needs less maintanence to provide permanent service life. Vision Bold ensures an effective and reliable pedestrian entrance control system for a higher return on investment.

Barrier height options
900 mm – 1200 mm – 1800 mm

Taller barrier door selections for higher security. For high level security needs Vision Bold offers 1200 and 1800 mm tall barrier doors instead of standard 900 mm tall with 550 mm passage with.


Vision Bold can be controlled by any kind of access control system through dry contact or COM ports.

Dept adjustable card reader & scanner installation area allows easy fitting.

Optional cuts on glass top is available for surface mount readers, reader holders or stands as well as standard or custom designed posts for access controller integration.

RFID Icon positioned in the middle of reader installation area to indicate the card reader position clearly.

An additional indicator on top illuminates in red when the gate is locked and changes to green for confirmed passages or during free passage. Speed Gates


To match aesthetic requirements, Vision Bold offers a freedom of choice with large selection of material and color combinations.

Multi-layer compositions and contrasting surfaces makes Vision Bold offers wide range of design options.



Passage width: 600 mm

Gate leaf height: 920 – 1200 – 1800 mm

Leaf ground clearence: 250 mm

Housing/Cabinet width: 310 mm (without mechanism)

Housing/Cabinet length: 1710 mm

Housing /Cabinet height: 1045 mm

Construction & Finish

Frame: Galvanized coated steel

Side panels: Aluminium

Top cover: 10 mm glass

Gate Barrier Leaf: 10 mm tempered glass / 10 mm polycarbonate

Upper & Lower Side Panels: AISI 304 Stainless steel / Powder coated steel

Side Panels: 10 mm tempered glass


Electric Supply: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power Supply Unit: 24V

Drive Mechanism: DC motor & gearbox Integrated encoder Electromagnetic brake

Opening/Closing Time: 0.9 – 1.5 sec (depends on leaf size)

Sensors: 24 sensors

MCBF: 10.000.000

IP: IP54

Communication: RS485, RS232, CAN bus, TCP/IP