Speed Gates
Vision Touch
An elegant & compact designed, swing speed gate with 24V BLDC motor. Opening and closing time between 0,7 - 1.5 sec.
An elegant & compact designed, swing speed gate with 24V BLDC motor. Opening and closing time between 0,7 - 1.5 sec.

  • Swing gate with fast-opening hidden barrier wings made of 8 mm tempered glass.
  • Galvanized coated steel frame and stainless steel housing panels.
  • 10 mm tempered glass top lid.
  • Illuminated indication pictograms.
  • BLDC motor driven.
  • Logic-controlled interface, bi-directional operation
  • Entrance and exit directions can be individually set as controlled, locked, or free before or after the installation.
  • In controlled access mode, after release confirmation which was sent by the access control system, the gate opens the barrier wings and enables one person access in the direction of travel. After each person, the barrier wings blocks passage again and does not permit access from both entrance and exit directions until receiving a new release signal from the access control system.
  • After the release, the gate closes the barrier wings after an adjusted time if no transition or passage occurs.
  • If people from both directions would like to pass through simultaneously, the first person who activates the gate takes precedence.
  • Multiple opening: An additional person is able to release the next passage cycle during an ongoing passage cycle in both directions. The gate controller stores up to 255 releases and lets a corresponding number of individuals pass through.
  • Relay outputs for counting passages in either direction
  • RS 232 / RS 485 serial port
  • Control for inputs and outputs via a potential-free contact

In the event of an emergency, the gate opens the barrier wings (fail-safe). During the power cut, the mechanism and barrier wings become unlocked and move freely in both directors. The gate reset itself automatically when the emergency alarm stops or the power is switched back on.


LED lights indicate the operating status of the turnstile in both directions.

Blue – Waiting mode
Green – Passage confirmed
Red – No passage

  • Vision Touch can be controlled by any kind of access control system through dry contact or COM ports.
  • The card reader area is under the glass lid.
  • Optional cuts on a glass top are available for surface mount readers, reader holders, or stands as well as standard or custom-designed posts for access controller integration.
  • RFID Icon is positioned in the middle of the reader installation area to indicate the card reader position clearly.
  • An additional indicator on top illuminates in red when the gate is locked and changes to green for confirmed passages or during free passage.

Operation mode for each direction: Controlled / Free / Locked
Acoustic Notifications: On/Off
Release time out: 5-10-15-20 secs
Emergency connection: On/Off

Security Level

1. Acoustic alarm only without blocking the lane
2. Wings close immediately and block the lane* without an acoustic alarm
3. Wings close immediately and block the lane* + acoustic alarm sounds

* If the lane is blocked during the wrong way and tailgating attempt, there is a danger of the wings hitting the unauthorized person.


Construction: Steel
Passage width: 650 mm / 915 mm
Cabinet size (W x L x h): 125 x 1325 x 1000 mm
Weight: 95 Kg
Power Supply: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Logic Voltage: 24V DC
Operation Temperature: -0° / +70°
IP Protection: Cabinet IP44

  • Acrylic barrier wings.
  • Logo on glass and acrylic barrier wings.
  • Powder-coated housing panels in RAL color.
  • Stainless steel base plate.
  • Card inserter.
  • Access controller integration brackets on demand.