Mobile Container Solutions


Designed to provide efficient entrance control. Its mobile feature makes it ideal for temporary projects or massive events with heavy traffic use.

Mobile Container Solutions

Transportable solutions can be deployed to variouspremisses and events as required to create managed entry and exit points in demand.

These are most common for temporary controlledaccess in locations such as large events and construction sites. The solutions can be incorporated with site office, holding rooms, ticket booths, cray and metal detector screening solutions, and turnstilesequipped with ticketing, time & attendance, andvarious access control systems including biometrics.

These mobile transportable solutions are easilydeployable and can provide robust and managed entry points as required. They come in various sizesincorporated in to 10’ to 40’ high cubed containers. They can be deployed side by side to handle large crowds

Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles are suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors at stadiums and sport facilities to ensure high-security and controlled passages at entry points.

Full Height Swing Gates

Full height swing gates are perfect for both internal and external applications. The motorised full height swing gates are designed for wheelchair passage and transporting goods.

Speed Gates

Speed gates are best suited for aesthetically demanding spaces like VIP entrances of stadiums and sport facilities.

The speed gate’s built-in electronics offers easy integration with access control and ticketing systems. The speed gates are designed with sliding or swinging wings that are either half or full body size.

Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles are suitable for both indoor andoutdoor implementation and offer bidirectionalpassage. The tripod turnstiles are affordable and can be easily integrated with any access control system. They allow free exit in case of power failure or an emergency, or as required by the administrationsystems. They offer safe and practical passage.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are perfect for both internal and external applications and can be supplied with signs, including ”STOP,” “PASS” and “BLOCKED”. The motorised swing gates are designed with a wider passage forwheelchairs and or transporting of larger items.